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Ultrasonic Sensors Application

For fast and simple installation – devices with TEACH-IN function
Software that simplifies programming – service program ULTRA 3000
Temperature compensation – compensates for deviations in sound velocity due to temperature fluctuations
Synchronizaton input – to prevent cross-talk interference when installing two sensors in close proximity
Sensors with digital and analog outputs
ULB Label Detector
ULB Label Detector The newest version of our label detector is compact and high-speed. It is engineered to detect labels on a roll independent of color, printing or glossiness. High-speed applications are no problem for this sensor with its 600 μs response time. Separate outputs are available for the label and the label base. The ULB will automatically compensate for slowly changing ambient conditions.
Double Sheet Detection
Double Sheet Detection Ultrasonic double sheet detection detects the difference between no sheet (air), single sheet, and double sheets. The standard 18 mm diameter unit detects paper, thin plastics, and foils with weights from 10 g/m2 to 2000 g/m2. The sensor is equipped with four evaluation programs to detect a variety of materials. No TEACH-IN is required, and an output pulse extension of 120 ms is possible. The 30 mm ultrasonic double sheet detectors offer the same features as the standard version while providing a larger (50 mm - 150 mm) separation range and the ability to detect thicker materials. The UDCM-30GM-085 metal sheet detection sensor ensures that only one metal sheet feeds to the press by detecting the difference between a single or double sheet of metal.
f42 These rectangular sensors are available with sensing ranges from 400 mm to 5 m. This versatile series can be powered by AC or DC supplies and has a relay contact output. Unwanted targets can be suppressed using the built-in beam angle adjustment. Push buttons allow easy setup. Top or side-sensing models are offered for different mounting configurations.
30 mm UC Series
30 mm UC Series Our flagship ultrasonic series, the 30 mm UC series sensors offer maximum versatility. Sensing ranges from 500 mm to 6 m, the ability to communicate via RS-232 and multiple modes of operation make them usable in most applications. Advanced parameters such as sensitivity, evaluation method, burst time, and more can be adjusted through Ultra 3000 software. Dual switch point or analog outputs are offered to suit any positioning or level control applications.
F12 Series
F12 Series The long range, F12 Series sensors feature a durable die-cast zinc frame that’s virtually indestructible and quickly becoming an industry standard. Highly adaptable, models are available with potentiometer or with pushbutton programming, adjustable beam width settings, temperature compensation, and a 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, or a flexible 4-in-1 output configuration. Up to ten F12 units can be mounted in close proximity with no mutual interference. High visibility LEDs and an M12 connection that allows 90° rotation contribute to making the F12 a multipurpose sensor series for a wide variety of markets and applications.
UGB Splice Detector
UGB Splice Detector Pepperl+Fuchs reintroduces our splice detector in a new, smaller package. It is designed to sense splices in high-speed applications and to ignore differences in color. Featuring two 18 mm diameter sensing heads, this sensor is compact and easy to mount. Dual outputs indicate a splice or no sheet (air) condition.
Half-pint Pepperl+Fuchs half-pint ultrasonics are now available with right-angle heads. They are perfect for tight spaces and restricted mounting conditions. Half pints are available with a 300 mm or 800 mm sensing range, and with a switch point or analog output. Sensor status is easy to see from any angle with 360° viewable LEDs.