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Repairs on a Massive Range of Controls
At Radiant Technologies, we have been providing quality industrial repairs of DC and AC Drives. Fast Service, Low Prices and Reliable Repairs have built our reputation as an Industry Leader.

Repairs on a Massive Range of Controls
Spare Parts
Our Parts Inventory is extensive. This eliminates long delays for obtaining parts from outside sources, thereby enabling us to get your control repaired as quickly as possible.
Service Infrastructure
We are having state of art service infrastructure to provide zero zero accuracy. We are having three service stations all over Gujarat state for faster services to our customers.
Our Equipment
Our Equipment allows us to test your controls under load and under a variety of operating conditions. Much of this equipment has been engineered and built in-house to provide test loads that exceed the capabilities of many drive manufacturers. Testing with this equipment helps us insure that your control repair will provide reliable service when reinstalled in your machine or process.
Our Staff
Our Staff will provide you service which is both professional and personal. We take pride in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers.