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Safety Sensors Application

From the single beam safety photoelectric sensor to the multiple beam safety light grids
Safety control interface units also available as modular system, easy to adapt to the application at hand
Finger protection, hand protection and body protection
Safety category 2 or 4 in accordance with IEC 61496-1 with automatic monitoring
Diagnostic displays for easy troubleshooting
With start and restart interlock capability
OSSD safety outputs
Various muting functions
Easy integration into machine controls
Safety Sensors
SLC14 / SLC30 Light Curtains - Finger and Hand Detection
These self-contained, 2-piece, Type 4 systems offer resolutions of 14 and 30 mm, protected heights to 1800 mm, and operating ranges to 15 m for cost-effective, point-of-operation safeguarding. Integral redundant and monitored electronic OSSDs easily connect to existing machine safety controls, or use the SafeBox Controller to provide muting functions and integration with other machine safety devices.
SLC-2, -3, -4 Beam Light Grids
Entry/exit safeguarding is easily accomplished with SLC Light Grids, available in 2-, 3-, or 4-beam versions, with an operating range to 20 m. Classified Type 4 according to IEC 61496-1 and -2, they are suitable for Category 4 applications per EN 954-1. They can be used as a self-contained 2-piece system, or with the SafeBox Controller for applications requiring muting or integration with other safety devices.
SLP Series – 3-Piece Safety Light Grids
mSLP Series Safety Light Grids are perfect for applications requiring a cost-effective 3-piece solution for long range or perimeter detection. Available versions include a very cost-effective system of an integrated transmitter / receiver lightbar partnered with a passive mirror, to 2-, 3-, or 4-beam configurations with operating ranges to 65 m! SLP Safety Light Grids are used together with the SafeBox Controller to form a Type 4 (according to IEC 61496-1, -2), suitable for Category 4 applications per EN-954-1.
SLA Series – Single Beam Safety Sensors
SLA Series –Single Beam Safety Sensors SLA Series Single Beam Safety Sensors are workhorses on the factory floor. Versions with compact, die-cast housings can fit into tight spaces. Other versions with operating ranges to 65 m can easily be used to safeguard along conveyors and around larger machinery. Used together with the SafeBox Controller, all are approved to Type 4 (according to IEC 61496-1, -2) and suitable for Category 4 applications per EN-954-1.
SafeBox – Modular Safety Controller
SafeBox – Modular Safety Controller The SafeBox Modular Safety Controller enables all components of a machine protection system to connect to a single control unit. With its modular design, it configures easily to fit a wide variety of applications. SafeBox is great for integration of photoelectric safety sensors, mechanical safety systems, and safety switches to meet the requirements of Category 4 per EN 954-1. It also can provide emergency stop functions for connected e-stop sensors and switches, and a range of muting capabilities for SLC, SLP, or SLA light barriers. The system meets the requirements of both IEC 61496-1 and EN 61508 (SIL3).
Ergonomic Safety Palm Buttons & 2-Hand Controls
Ergonomic Safety Palm Buttons & 2-Hand Controls Pepperl+Fuchs palm buttons offer the industry’s best combination of ergonomics and safety. Designed for use with standard two-hand machine controls, safety palm buttons eliminate the possibility of false actuation due to RFI. They require only a light touch to activate but can sense an operator’s hands through gloves. When connected according to NFPA and ANSI standards to an approved two-hand control device, our ergonomic palm buttons guarantee operator-exclusive machine actuation.