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FuchsWCS2B and WCS3B Read Heads
FuchsWCS2B and WCS3B Read Heads PosiTrack WCS2B read heads feature a 10 mm slot width. The close proximity of emitter and receiver LEDs yields a high excess gain, making the WCS2B the best choice for very dirty environments such as galvanizing facilities, foundries, and steel mills. The WCS3B PosiTrack read head features a 31 mm slot width. Thus, in stand-alone mounting, its read head/rail alignment is more forgiving than the WCS2B. WCS3B systems are ideal for monitoring overhead or floor-based conveyors, automated warehouse equipment, and lift/lower stations. Features exclusive to the WCS3B include status LEDs for alignment and power indication, an optional “over speed” output, and an optional 7-segment display.
Code Rail
Code Rail PosiTrack code rail is available in fiber-laminate or stainless steel and provides a unique positional code for every 0.8 mm of read head travel. General-purpose environments best suit the fiber-laminate material, while those requiring increased mechanical rigidity or corrosion immunity utilize the stainless type. All rail types can be horizontally curved with no affect on the read head’s accuracy. Fiber-laminate rails can also be flexed for vertical bends.
Control Interfaces
Control Interfaces A wide variety of Pepperl+Fuchs receptacles is available for virtually every application. Male and female versions with M8, M12, 1/2" and 7/8" connections in 3-, 4-, and 5-pin designs are offered to solve your installation requirements. The machined aluminum housings provide an IP67 protection rating.
Mounting Accessories
Mounting Accessories SLA Series Single Beam Safety Sensors are workhorses on the factory floor. Versions with compact, die-cast housings can fit into tight spaces. Other versions with operating ranges to 65 m can easily be used to safeguard along conveyors and around larger machinery. Used together with the SafeBox Controller, all are approved to Type 4 (according to IEC 61496-1, -2) and suitable for Category 4 applications per EN-954-1.