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Encoders Application

Incremental rotary encoders
  Software that simplifies programming service program ULTRA 3000
  Optical and magnetic technology
  Interfaces: RS422, Push-Pull, sine/cosine
  Up to IP67
  Up to 30,000 rpm
  Up to 50,000 ppr
  Up to IP67
  Up to IP67
  Up to IP67
  Up to IP67
Absolute rotary encoders
  Solid shaft, recessed hollow shaft
  Single turn/multiturn
  Optical and magnetic technology
  Interfaces: SSI, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, AS-Interface, ProfiNet, Powerlink, EtherNet, TCP/IP, IP
  Total resolution up to 30 bit
Certified rotary encoders for
special application areas
  Hazardous area
  Wind power plants, shipbuilding
  Safety-related applications (SIL, PL, etc.)
TVI40/THI40/TSI40 These solid, hollow, and recessed hollow shaft models are our smallest, most economical incremental encoders. With a diameter of only 40 mm (1.57") it can fit in the tightest spaces. The tangential cable exit allows the cable to be positioned either axially or radially. These units also feature a metal code disc and Opto-ASIC technology for high reliability. Output resolutions are available up to 1,024 ppr.
RVI58/RHI58 The small, hollow shaft RHI58 encoder is available with resolution up to 5,000 ppr while the solid shaft RVI58 provides 10,000 ppr for precise positioning applications. Shaft bore sizes on the RHI58 include 10 mm, 12 mm, and 1/2". Solid shaft models are available with 6 mm, 10 mm, or 12 mm shaft diameters. Both models measure 58 mm in diameter and are held in place with the included torque rest.
RHI90 This large, hollow shaft incremental encoder can be used for shaft sizes ranging from 16 mm to 45 mm, including 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1". With a metal code disc these encoders are engineered to take abuse. Designed for high shock and vibration. They provide resolutions up to 2,500 ppr.
DVS/DVM58 DeviceNet absolute encoders now have up to 30-bit resolution: up to 16-bit for single-turn and 14-bit for multi-turn. They are designed for the most precise positioning applications with 65,536 steps per turn. Diagnostic LEDs are integrated into the removable housing cover to make troubleshooting quick and easy.
EVS/EVM58 The newest additions to our encoder portfolio are Ethernet TCP/IP absolute encoders. They provide resolutions up 16-bit for single-turn and 30-bit for multi-turn units. Programming and setup are easily achieved through the built-in web server that allows access through any Internet browser.
RHS58 The RHS58 incremental encoder offers a sine/cosine output in a hollow shaft housing. Shaft bore sizes include 10 mm, 12 mm, and 15 mm. Output resolutions include 1,024 and 2,048 signal periods per revolution. The sin/cos signal allows easy interpolation at the controller for higher resolutions. The encoder has a full complement of six signal outputs and maximum frequency of 200 kHz. The included torque rest holds the encoder in place. Want more