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Inclination Sensors
Inclination Sensors Using the latest technology in IC based electro-mechanical measurement systems, the F99 inclination sensor is used to measure the tilt angle position. Offered in single-axis and dual-axes versions, the F99 provides analog and switch point outputs with a selectable angle measurement range between 0 to 360°.
Position Measurement Sensors
Position Measurement Sensors Our PMI series of inductive positioning measurement devices are offered in measurement lengths that range from just a few millimeters to over one meter. For an angular measurement, devices are available with a measuring range of 0 to 360°. In addition to standard analog outputs, these devices also offer configurable switch point outputs for limit detection.
Laser Displacement Sensors
Laser Displacement Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a full line of laser displacement sensors available in short-, medium-, and long-range models. From a short 100 mm diffuse range to an extremely long 250 m retro-reflective range, all models feature a Class 1 infrared or a Class 2 visible red laser for sensing. They also feature a Class 2 visible red laser for alignment. Outputs include analog, discrete, and several interface options.